About Me

My name is Allison Riegle and I’m 22 years old.

I’ve lived in Washington, DC, for the past 12 years, but I grew up a Michigander. I currently reside in Southern California where I proudly attend Scripps College for women!

When I was little I thought Alice in Wonderland was “Allison Wonderland” and subsequently about me, thus the nickname.

My great influences in life are Dolores Haze, KSPC, Cher Horowitz, Sally Mann, Cindy Sherman, Michael Moore, Wet Hot American Summer, Hello Kitty, Bullett, and Team Riegle.

I am studying Art (Photography) and Media Studies at Scripps. I have a passion for performance art, photography, set design, visual media, and independent music.

Thank you to all the stars of my photographs for lending yourselves to my pictures and to my family, teachers and friends who’ve encouraged me every day. Team Awesome, I heart you.