Q&A: About the Work

How long have you taken photography?

I started taking photography at school in 9th grade. After “photo core,” I and a few others decided to stick with photography and enroll in Advanced Photography Sophomore year. I then continued with another Advanced Photography class Junior year, and was chosen to be in Advanced Art Placement Photography for my Senior year. Class met four times a week, every week, an hour class period each time. High school was basically just a blur of photographs.

What do you use to photograph? Do you use a film or digital camera?

A couple of the photos on my website are taken with a point-and-shoot digital camera or with my Nikon D-80. That includes all of the color ones (with exception of the color film ones) and a few B&W. The majority of my photos, however, are taken with my film camera. It’s very special to me because it is my parents’ and they got it not long after they were first married–thus it is 32 years old! It’s an Olympus OM-1 and I mostly use 35mm b&w kodak film.

Who develops and prints your photographs?

ME! If it’s a black and white photograph then I rolled the film, developed the film, cut the film, made the contact sheet, chose the photograph, and then printed the photograph over and over until it was perfect.

Is there any chance you could photograph me/my family/my dog/my sibling/etc?

Definitely! As long as we’re not separated by multiple states, I’d love to. My contact information is on my website. Scroll over “About” and click on “Contact” on the drop down menu. Send me an email and we can try to figure something out.